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Hearts of Olympika

Enter Olympika, a perilous world of myths, mermaids, and magic ruled by the capricious Greek gods and goddesses.

Throughout the Hearts of Olympika fantasy romance series by USA Today bestseller Cate Rowan, you’ll root for a family of royal mortals and their valiant true loves battling treacherous immortals.

Dive into the adventures of daring women and the unforgettable heroes who win their hearts. Immerse yourself in scorching sexual tension, impossible choices, heart-melting tenderness, and all the feels.

Buy today — FREE with Kindle Unlimited! — to discover Greek myth, magic, and everlasting romance.

Welcome to legend.

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The Ocean Between Us

A Greek Mythology Mermaid Romance (Hearts of Olympika, Book 1)

Unjustly cursed to leave the sea.
Banned to a desert isle.
Her immortal life is a sentence worse than death…
Until he appears.

5 stars. “A mix of Odysseus and The Little Mermaid, and honestly I loved it. … A love story, and as such it is breathtaking. Mareisa and Kyros steal your heart. … 10/10 recommend!” —Goodreads reviewer Tanja Glavnik

The Spell Between Us

A Greek Mythology Royal Romance (Hearts of Olympika, Book 2)

She’s cursed into the shadows by a goddess.
He’s enslaved by an immortal queen.
Only by rescuing each other can they be free…

5 stars. “Grabs your attention and imagination from the start. … Drama, excitement, chaos, scary mythological creatures… Fear, anger, desperation, sadness, but also laughter, joy, love, and heat! … Dex and Ara’s journey leads them on a course fraught with peril as they try to defy a goddess’s will… A riveting tale I couldn’t put down til I finished.” —Goodreads reviewer MaD

The Dagger Between Us

A Greek Mythology Warrior Princess Romance (Hearts of Olympika, Book 3)


As the Greek gods vie for power over earth, sea, and sky,
an adopted Prince of Erion is torn between the family he loves
and the spitfire enemy princess betrothed to his own brother…

Soar into myth and legend with THE DAGGER BETWEEN US, an enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance for the ages!

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