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September 2021 Newsletter (Part)

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Life giving you lemons?
Let's drink lemonade & read books! 🍋


Welp, turns out the 2021 year-fairy is still drinking.


I really can't blame her. 2021 kinda calls for it. So did 2020.

I hope the booze tastes good, at least! Let's see what's been going on at Casa Cate.


The good, the bad, and the ughs

Berry Berry Good: My barn kitty adoptee Miss Strawberry (a.k.a. RiRi) is doing great! True, she and my fourteen-year-old queen bee, Kisska, are mutual nemeses… But Kisska's littermate, Tater, mostly stays out of the fray. And RiRi has gained quite a bit of confidence since her arrival last December.

Lookit dat sweet face

Dr. 4×4 is healthy, has just cut back to 2/3rds time at the hospital, and he's looking forward to the new football season. (Go Denver Broncos! Please, Broncos. Go do SOMETHING this year, Broncos.)

As of late August, we've already seen snow on our mountains and my horse is growing his winter coat. Winter, my most hated season, is on its way. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?



winter was totally asking for it…



Books to sip lemonade by!

Did you ever read ElfQuest? It's one of the most enjoyable, beautifully illustrated fantasy adventures I've ever read… And there's a wonderful romance in there, too. I've loved ElfQuest for more than 30 years.

sexy elves? yep!

Check out ElfQuest

Oh, and there's an ElfQuest “audio movie” coming out, featuring some of my favorite Star Trek actors to boot!


Next up is a sea-faring memoir that kept me glued for days, experiencing ocean breezes and delicious food:

Mangoes are even better than lemons, ‘far as I'm concerned

Grab some Mangoes


How about paranormal women's fiction with demons, Ouija boards, and a second-chance romance?

Get demon goodness


And hey, The Ocean Between Us and its sequel are in the publishing pipeline. I'm pretty sure Mareisa, the mermaid heroine, would appreciate lemonade!

So what have you been up to this summer? Any happiness you want to share with me? Looking forward to celebrating your joys!


Yours in Magically Fantastic Romance,

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