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Perfectionism and what’s in the works

Woohoo, I'm nearly finished formatting the print version of Kismet's Kiss! I hope to have it up in a couple of weeks, and it's looking excellent that I'll be able to sell it for an amazing $7.99.

I've done the formatting in Microsoft Word, thanks in part to the guidance of Perfect Pages, but I'm also drooling over an Adobe InDesign CS5 offering at eBay. InDesign is the industry standard for page layout. I'm a perfectionist and want everything to be just right, and I naturally want all the right tools. (Sadly, the particular tool of InDesign would cost almost $400–still a bargain, since it's almost $700 from my drug dealer, Amazon, but still beyond what I'm willing to pay right now.)

Either way, though, spending time perfecting things is a problem of mine. If I put all my time into fixing what I've already done, when do I have time to create new things–and how much more time will it take to perfect them and get them to market?

I'm the kind of person who will spend a day (or a week) tweaking something from 99.9% to 99.91% perfection. Is that a good use of my time? Probably not, since 100% perfection isn't attainable anyway. (I know that intellectually, but getting myself to act on it still takes some effort…)

And not only do I lose time I could use to create, I also lose time I could invest in introducing people to my books. (But I want my books to be perfect when people read them, the Inner Perfectionist whines.) *headdesk*

Well, at least the new cover will be gorgeous, thanks to Robin Ludwig. 🙂 I look forward to sharing it.


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