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Okay, so…I SOLD!


(UPDATE: I'll leave this post up, but because I've chosen to take a different path with this book, I've redacted the publisher's name.)


Yep, that's right!

KISMET'S KISS will be published this year.

(Holy schnikeys, that's fast–and lucky!) [Publisher] specializes in fantasy and science fiction.

KISMET'S KISS has been through the war and lived to tell the tale. It got me three agent offers. It's an eight-time contest finalist (including twice in the prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart®) and a three-time contest winner. And I love it like hot and damn.

Here's part of the description I used to pique [publisher's] interest last summer:

On a faraway world in the medieval, Middle Easternesque realm of Kad, a deadly epidemic strikes the royal house of Sultan Kuramos. Only a magical healer from an enemy land may have the skill to save them. He doesn't expect that healer to be a woman.

Varene, too, finds surprises in Kad. The feisty healer anticipates the sultan's arrogance, but not his courage or his selfless care of the ill–or the possibility that the epidemic is the curse of a vengeful goddess.

Varene's mystical talents are condemned by Kuramos's culture and her presence triggers a plot to overthrow the sultan. Yet as he and the healer toil for the cure, he loses his heart to her. She falls for him as well, but how can she relinquish her homeland and her principles for the sultan—especially when he already has six beautiful wives and his family may be cursed?

My head is still spinning about the release date. Only a few months to go before KISMET'S KISS is out. Wow, so much left to do… I'd better get cracking!

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  1. Congratulations, Cate! What an inspiration you are! I know I speak for Cactus Rose when I tell you how thrilled we all are for you!

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