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Okay, fine, here’s my publishing news. :)

I'm going Indie and I couldn't be more thrilled!

KISMET'S KISS will be coming out by the end of this month on the Amazon Kindle ebook platform, so the book will be available for any PC, Mac, smartphone, or iPad, as well as on a Kindle itself. (And psst…the third-generation Kindle will be coming out around the same time!)

2010 has been a bit odd for me. I got an offer from a respected small press to publish KISMET'S KISS and thought things were going to work out, but the publisher and I parted ways and I needed to decide what do with this novel. It didn't take me long to know.

KISMET'S KISS had three agent offers, two publishing contract offers, two Golden Heart nominations, eight contest finals total, and three wins. And I've been eager to try publishing on the Kindle platform. I've had a Kindle since early 2008, and it has shifted my perspective on many things.

I am completely excited about going DIY with this book!

I'm not making any decisions about my other novels just yet, but meanwhile readers will be able to actually read my work. (That's quite a concept, after a decade of waiting, LOL.) And I have the joy of creating the cover art and being responsible for the final look and feel of this book. As the author who has lived with this story and its characters for more than four years AND as a perfectionist, I love that!

Life is good. 🙂

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