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Good news and bad news…

First, the bad (I'll save the good for a minute because I always think it helps to have something to look forward to):

The Source of Magic won't be ready by the end of this month.

I know. I'm disappointed, too, and truly sorry I can't fulfill my promise to you.

(Get out your violin right now and let's give it a workout.) I've been dealing with some health issues, including a newly diagnosed tumor. It's non-cancerous, but it's also been around for a long time—and nearly killed me in 2007, as it turns out. Fortunately, I'll be getting it removed by specialists in a few weeks, and that should bring about a full cure.

(Wait, don't pause the violin—I'm still going.) I've been spending too much time at the computer working on Source lately, and my wrists are starting to hurt. I have an ergonomic setup, but still have wrist pain—a bad sign, especially for a writer. Carpal tunnel trouble can wreck an author, and I can't let it get that far.

(Nope, not yet—keep fiddling.) A brilliant critique partner has been suffering for three weeks now with a migraine cluster and one of my beta readers hasn't had a chance to read any part of Source. I'm just not going to publish something that isn't ready, and these ladies make sure my books are. So I'm going to have to pull back for a bit until life returns to something approximating normal for all of us.

Again, I apologize.

Okay, at ease with the violin! Here's the good news:

Kismet's Kiss has been nominated for both Best Fantasy Romance and Best Debut of 2010 by Yes, I'm thrilled! 😀 I believed in this book from the beginning, and I'm so glad I followed my vision for it, despite the pit stops and detours along its wiggly path to success.

If you enjoyed Kiss, I would greatly appreciate it if you take a few moments to vote for it in its two categories. (You can vote for more than one book in each, by the way.) Thank you!

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