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Delicious audiobooks are here!

Wahoo! At long last, all of my audiobooks are available, thanks in large part to my fantastic narrators.

See/hear these audiobooks at

Audible • Amazon • iTunes

or click the covers below to see them at Amazon!




The narrators who've translated these stories into audio have done an amazing job, and you can listen to a five-minute sample of each book at Amazon. (Click on the story's cover to go to its page at Amazon, then look for the “Sample” button just below the cover.)

My fabulous narrator for Kismet's Kiss and Sword and Lute is Marie Hélène. She set up a cool audio sample of Kismet's Kiss at Soundcloud. (NOTE: The audio starts playing as soon as you visit the link, so make sure your volume isn't set to “11”. 🙂 )

By the way, Amazon owns Audible, so if you're new to audiobooks and want to give them a go, you can sign in to Audible with your Amazon account and get my audiobooks at a special price (or even free!) for new members. Hooray!

I wanted to get this announcement out sooner, but didn't for two reasons—one bad and one good.

Bad reason: A nasty computer crash from which it took several weeks to recover. (I'm an overcautious type and had lots of backups, but restoring them became a fiasco on its own. Now I also have a hard drive clone that's updated daily!)

Good reason: I'm enjoying my own real-life romance with a rural emergency room doctor who'd make a great romance novel hero. (Hmm! Oh the possibilities…)

I wish you a summer full of love and romance—both fictional and real. 🙂

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