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June 2022 Newsletter (part)

Laugh with me & follow along with me as I write my books and set them loose in the world! Here’s a snippet from my newsletter packed with hilarious images, personal news, and book goodies. I publish the newsletter every few weeks. Join my fantasy romance crew at to get immediate access to exclusive stories available only to my V.I.P. readers… & ALL the news.

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September 2021 Newsletter (Part)

Here’s a snippet from my newsletter full of GIFs, memes, personal news, and book goodies. I publish every few weeks. Join my fantasy romance crew at to get immediate access to exclusive stories available only to my V.I.P. readers  & ALL the news. 😀   Life giving you lemons? Let’s drink lemonade & read books!    Welp, turns out the 2021 year-fairy is still drinking.

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Total website refresh coming!

In 3… 2… 1… I’m pruning the blog (“News”), too. Don’t worry, I’m leaving all the good stuff, including bits and pieces about my publishing journey. They’re fun for me to re-read!

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Salida, Colorado

Southern Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

I’m a mountain girl. Something about alpine vistas makes me breathe deep while my heart quivers. That’s why I’ve yearned for Colorado since my first visit 20-odd years ago, and why I now live on the top of a mountain in the Rockies. My honey and I (currently known as Dr. 4×4 🙂 ) were able to take a couple of quick getaways in my adopted home state. Colorado is delish.

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Love at Sea

The sea is often a lovely and very romantic place. I’ve had some wonderful experiences on the ocean, like a pod of dolphins just outside my ship’s cabin window swimming and jumping alongside the ship for an hour. One of the fantasy romance novels I have in the hopper (working title: The Ocean Between Us) has me thinking about the ocean and all the life within it. Seeing the dolphins

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Book Covers I Love and Miss

Book cover art can be evocative, intriguing, and delightful—or confusing, dull, and even off-putting. I’ve had covers on both ends of the spectrum. (Live and learn, fortunately.) Here was my very first book cover, from the fall of 2010. Looking at it now, nearly three years later, I still love the idea of it—the beautiful blues, the arched window, the exotic city outline, the streaks across

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Delicious audiobooks are here!

Wahoo! At long last, all of my audiobooks are available, thanks in large part to my fantastic narrators. See/hear these audiobooks at Audible • Amazon • iTunes or click the covers below to see them at Amazon!       The narrators who’ve translated these stories into audio have done an amazing job, and you can listen to a five-minute sample of each book at Amazon. (Click on the story’s cover to go

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Peanuts Christmas Tree

Scroogy McHumbug finds a wee bit of holiday spirit

Yes, I’ve probably earned that nickname. It’s not that I hate the holidays—it’s more like I’ve been indifferent to them. I’m self-employed, which just means I have freedom to work all the time. (No, it’s not always a good thing.) Weekends are often much like weekdays to me, and coming as I did from a small and not-that-religious family, holidays weren’t a big deal to me.

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Alpha males in fiction…and in the wild

Let me get something out of the way right up front: I love me some alphas. Or at least Writer Me loves me some alphas. Person Me has a few reservations. Lemme ‘splain. We’ll start with Writer Me. My first published novel (Kismet’s Kiss, a two-time RWA Golden Heart ® finalist) features an alpha among alphas. Kuramos is the sultan of the desert realm of Kad. The descendent of

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Just a quote about reading that I loved…

Hat tip to The Passive Voice for posting this: The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night. —Isabel Allende That’s just how I always envisioned it. Books do take on a life of their own, don’t they? May whatever you’re reading right now spur your imagination.  

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Dragon*Con 2011

Now that I’m back from Dragon*Con in Atlanta, I thought I’d offer up some fun stats about my trip, mwa ha ha. Number of correct answers by moi during the team trivia hour of the Anne McCaffrey’s Worlds track: 1 out of 1. Yay for The White Dragon! Though I’m sorry to admit it had been waaaaaay too long since I’d read her non-Pern stories, so

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