Fantasy • Magic • Romance
The Spell Between Us (Hearts of Olympika, #2)
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A Greek Mythology Royal Romance (Hearts of Olympika, Book 2)

She’s cursed into the shadows by a goddess.
He’s enslaved by an immortal queen.
Only by rescuing each other can they be free…

Poseidon’s conniving sea-queen has captured daring Prince Dexios as her slave. To survive, he must rely on his wits — and on encouraging messages from a mysterious friend, Ara, who gives him hope.

Long ago, the jealous goddess Athena challenged Ara to a weaving contest, only to curse her unjustly and transform her into a monster that humans hate. In the centuries since, Ara has concealed herself from the humans who’ve tried to kill her, yet the courageous prince’s plight tugs at her wary heart.

During a daring escape, Ara risks everything to help him… and is plunged back into her human body.

Now, as she and Dex flee their tormentors, their mutual attraction sizzles. They’re falling for each other… but she still mistrusts humans. And he’s a crown prince with a very public life… and an arranged betrothal to the daughter of an enemy king.

Can a love born in darkness overcome the dangers of leaving the protective shadows, breaking a betrothal, and sparking a perilous war?

Curl up with Greek mythology and magical fantasy romance in this heart-melting new novel by USA Today bestseller Cate Rowan.

As Book 2 in the addictive Hearts of Olympika series, The Spell Between Us is a riveting love story with a swoon-worthy happily ever after. Each book in the series shares colorful story threads with the others, yet can stand alone.

Read this enchanting love story (FREE with Kindle Unlimited) to soar into Greek myth, magic, and everlasting romance!

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