Fantasy • Magic • Romance
The Ocean Between Us (Hearts of Olympika, #1)
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A Greek Mythology Mermaid Romance (Hearts of Olympika, Book 1)

Cursed to leave the sea.
Banned to a desert isle.
Her immortal life is a sentence worse than death…
Until he appears.

In a time when legends are born, shipwrecked Prince Kyros crawls exhausted onto her forsaken island. Little does he know who awaits him there: royal ex-mermaid Mareisa, unjustly banished from her underwater realm.

She delights in the arrival of company at last, even though he's a mere mortal — but to her surprise, he’s far more than the human plaything she assumed. He's sexy, stubborn, honorable… fascinating.

Mareisa's sensual allure drives Kyros to the edge of reason, but he must find a way to leave her mysterious isle to track down his missing brother. Resisting her seductive wiles shakes his willpower… yet the lonely and courageous woman behind the curse intrigues him even more than her brazen temptations.

In their clash of wills, he’s determined to prove himself every bit her match. But even if he's the soulmate Mareisa has waited a millennium to find, Poseidon’s curse on her life is unbreakable.

Or is it?

The Ocean Between Us delivers scorching sexual tension, an impossible choice, and heart-melting tenderness. And this enchanting, happily-ever-after odyssey is just the beginning of your voyage into the dazzling Hearts of Olympika fantasy romance series by USA Today bestseller Cate Rowan.

Splash into Ocean today for Greek myth, magic, and everlasting romance!

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