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The Dagger Between Us, unrevealed cover
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The Dagger Between Us

A Greek Mythology Warrior Princess Romance (Hearts of Olympika, Book 3)

In the era of legends, in a world ruled by the Greek gods…

Princess Zeva of Naxale should have been her kingdom's monarch, leading her people to decades of victories on the battlefield. Instead, she was born a mere girl, the elder sister of the Heir. She defied her destiny and became a warrior, but now she must bow to her brother's will and marry the crown prince of Erion, Naxale's greatest adversary. During the journey of her bridal caravan, Zeva decides she can’t give in to marriage without a fight…

Prince Xander of Erion was an orphaned shepherd boy before he was adopted into the royal family years ago. Loyal and diligent, Xander is now a grown man with skills as a musician, diplomat, and swordsman, but his concealed gift is prophecy. His world implodes when Zeva arrives, for he knows she's destined to be his bride — yet he's a commoner by birth and she’s betrothed to his brother.

Born worlds apart in status, brought together by Fate, Zeva and Xander’s chemistry is electrifying — despite the barriers of law, bloodlines, and court intrigue. Can love overcome centuries of tradition and birthrights when the fates of two rival realms lie in the balance?

Soar into myth and legend with THE DAGGER BETWEEN US, an enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance for the ages!


The Dagger Between Us
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The Dagger Between Us, unrevealed cover
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