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Flirting with the Fireman: A Romantic Short Story
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A Romantic Short Story

One magic stew, one sexy fireman…

When Jessica Walker escapes the city life in Atlanta to pursue her dream of being a successful sculptor in Colorado, she departs with a gift: her best friend Lily’s magical recipe for a “Get a Husband” Brunswick stew, guaranteed to work — even though Jess recently drop-kicked her two-timing dirtbag boyfriend.

Skeptical Jess is sure the Rocky Mountains hold all the “magic” she needs, until a wildfire threatens to drive her from her new home — and a studly fireman comes to her rescue.

Flirting with the Fireman is a delightful “first meeting” short story of 4500 words (15 pages).

Just adorable. Quick and sweet and satisfying, like sneaking a fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookie before dinner.”
Short and sweet! Who doesn't want a hunky fireman knocking at our door!?"

Stand-Alones by Cate Rowan

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