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July 2018 update: Woohoooo, our Shades of Fae boxed set (with my book The Brothers Djinn) became a USA Today Bestseller!

*happy inky writer's dance* Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled awards. 😀

[spacer height=”10px”]Kismet's Kiss was a two-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist, won the Duel on the Delta, Put Your Heart in a Book, and The Molly contests, and was a finalist in five others. The Source of MagicThe Princess of MagicThe Ocean Between Us and The Faery Fiancée were finalists or winners in twenty-seven additional contests.

(Wins as noted)

Kismet's Kiss

2010 The Romance Reviews Best Debut and Best Fantasy Romance

2007 and 2009 RWA Golden Heart®

2009 Launching a Star

2009 Put Your Heart in a Book (WINNER)

2008 The Molly (WINNER)

2008 Heart of the Rockies

2007-8 Duel on the Delta (WINNER)

2008 Linda Howard Award of Excellence


The Source of Magic

2012 The Romance Reviews Top Pick (WINNER)

2008 On the Far Side

2007 The Sheila (WINNER)

2006 Merritt

2006 Linda Howard Award of Excellence

2004 On the Far Side

2003 The Maggie (WINNER)

2003 Finally a Bride

2003 The Emily

2003 Spring Into Romance

2003 Great Expectations

2002 Opening Gambit

2002 Original Golden Opportunity

2002 Touch of Magic

2001 The Gotcha

2001 The Molly

2001 Winning Beginnings


The Princess of Magic
(formerly A Breach of Balance)

2006 Sharp Synopsis

2002 Original Golden Opportunity

2001 The Gotcha


The Ocean Between Us

2010 Marlene

2010 Great Expectations

2009 Linda Howard Award of Excellence (WINNER)

2008 On the Far Side (WINNER)

2008 The Molly (finalist in Paranormal, WINNER of Unsinkable Heroine award)

2008 Gotcha

2008 Spring Into Romance


The Faery Fiancée

2006 Sharp Synopsis Contest

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