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Author: Cate Rowan

Kismet’s Kiss is now available!

It’s alive…it’s aliiiive! And beautiful, too, if I may say so myself. (g) The description isn’t up yet–it takes Amazon a few days, apparently, so I shall do my best to be patient. *twiddles thumbs* To learn more about KISMET’S KISS, see Or just go download a sample (or buy it) at Amazon. 🙂

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Okay, fine, here’s my publishing news. :)

I’m going Indie and I couldn’t be more thrilled! KISMET’S KISS will be coming out by the end of this month on the Amazon Kindle ebook platform, so the book will be available for any PC, Mac, smartphone, or iPad, as well as on a Kindle itself. (And psst…the third-generation Kindle will be coming out around the same time!) 2010 has been a bit odd for

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Okay, so…I SOLD!

. (UPDATE: I’ll leave this post up, but because I’ve chosen to take a different path with this book, I’ve redacted the publisher’s name.) . Yep, that’s right! KISMET’S KISS will be published this year. (Holy schnikeys, that’s fast–and lucky!) [Publisher] specializes in fantasy and science fiction. KISMET’S KISS has been through the war and lived to tell the tale. It got me three agent offers. It’s an

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Must pass along this hilarious music video geekdom on fonts. (I love Gill Sans!)

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Happiness is an e-reader!

That’s how I felt as soon as I bought my Kindle last year. I love that ebook sales are exploding and that ereaders are the next big thing. And let me tell you, I was never an ebook fan–until I had my Kindle and “got” the experience. I don’t buy paper novels anymore, unless I have zero choice and I *must* get the book–which is exceedingly

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